Wednesday, 20 June 2012

OSP Challenge!

And so! My second opportunity to review an item of clothing! The lovely Claire again invited me and four others to review some trousers from OSP - One Stop Plus.

The challenge was to dress them up and down - so a casual look and then a look for evening. And here's how I did!

The trousers are by Ellos and retail at £20.30 and can be seen here I really liked the funky paisley pattern and usually wear leggings with this kind of detail. They're 100% viscose which is comfy and easy to wash and wear. They're crop length which I don't normally choose but for summer would be good.

I chose to pair them with this purple top by M&S for my casual look - this is very much how I'd wear them - I like long floaty tunic tops with leggings and although it was tempting to put them with one of my (many) black tops, I thought a splash of colour would be more interesting!

Top: Marks and Spencer (last summer)
Trousers: Ellos at OSP (gifted by OSP)
Shoes - trusty silver Birkenstocks
And for the evening, dressed up - I chose this sequin vest that I was lucky enough to pick up at a clothes swap (it has no label so I'm afraid I'm not sure where it's from). I do love a sparkly top whenever I can and again, although it's black, it's jazzed up with the sequins! The trousers are definitely more suited for casual - so it was a bit tricky to find a way to make them work for an evening look - I hope you think I managed the challenge!

The main problem I had with these trousers though was the baggy top part. (Which is why I teamed them with a long top at first). You can see with the vest that they're really baggy around my upper thigh. They are described as "Slightly baggy design with wide panel at top" which they are exactly - but while they fit like leggings on the leg, at the waist and stomach area they feel too big. I am a size 20-22 and this is the size of the trousers but they felt too big on top, and yet if I'd sized down, I think they'd be too tight on the leg. They are like a weird combination of harem pants and leggings and it flummoxed me!

As you can see they're REALLY generous at the top. I do love the fabric but the bagginess of the top part puts me off I'm afraid and I wouldn't have bought them myself.

However I do appreciate the opportunity to review them and thank you OSP for giving me my second review!  What do you think? Would you like the looser top and tighter leg combo of these trousers?

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  1. I really like your daytime outfit! That top is lovely!