Tuesday, 12 February 2013

OMG I'm still alive

Yes....it's been a while....to say the least. My life got complicated (or rather my children did) so I've been kind of off the radar and not really thinking about fashion - though still reading everyones blogs!

So a mini catch up.....I bought the MOST amazing top from Em's blog. I utterly love it. Haven't worn something that made me feel so good for a long time - it's Joe Browns and it's amazing. And it was a tenner.

Even though I've been an antisocial outcast, the lovely Chattermonkey never forgets me and invited me to a fatshion swap at the marvellous Cruella's house on Saturday. I love a good swap - if you read the entries on this blog you'll see why - free clothes from women whose style I admire - no lose situation!

Some amazing women there - Em, Kirsty, Gina, Rachel, Wendy, Michelle, Isha, Sian....I apologise if I've forgotten anyone - I was overwhelmed with clothing lust and good company. I got some AMAZING things but for some reason, while typing this, Blogger has stopped uploading my pictures - just let me do the three above then stalled. So I'll do a separate post.

So thank you everyone who brought things that I pilfered. Especially Rachel who brought a stunning blue dress which is bodycon and I was quite scared of wearing it. She gave me a fab pep talk - told me to stop being silly basically - and when I posted a pic of it on Facebook I was inundated with positivity! So listen to the women who blog - they are wise. And they have fab castoffs....