Saturday, 25 February 2012

Catching up - new stuff

After my fab experience with Claire, I got given a list of suggested additions to the wardrobe....Here are some pics - I like some but am returning some....

Dress: Asos Curve

I kind of love this but it's really just not ME - I wouldn't wear it - I can see why Claire suggested it but it's
going back.....
Dress; Dorothy Perkins

This however - I love! Never would have picked it myself but I really like it - especially the collar. 

Jacket: New Look

And teamed with the waterfall jacket which I also love - perfect combo....
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Now I love the fabric and the fall of this dress - it's really lovely BUT - the top wrapover just doesn't work. I think it's cos my boobs are too bloody small - see below

I think it should sit like this over the boob but it slips down like this.... under boob which looks just wrong! So sadly this is going back too!

Dress M&S via Kirsty
Leggings: Primark

Saw these and couldn't resist them even though they're a bit garish! They go really well with my black dress and I love em.

So speaking of my wardrobe experience with Claire....she wrote it up brilliantly here  but has copped a lot of negativity on the comments. People seemed to think I was a mindless barbie doll being forced to wear someone else's taste and style. That the choices Claire made were hideous and hiding and that I was a poor little victim of bad taste. I couldn't DISAGREE more! Makes me mad that Claire was getting flack for doing something so fab for me. I asked her to help me because I like the way she dresses. As you can see from my reactions above to her suggestions, I DO NOT mindlessly accept her opinion - we don't agree on everything but I asked her advice and I appreciated it. She made me feel fab in some items of clothing that had sat in my wardrobe unused and unworn. She was working with my current clothes which aren't exactly all what she would have chosen. SO LAY OFF! I'm happy. We enjoyed it. I'm almost loathe to ask her back because I don't want her to feel it's a horrid thing to have done......I've had SO many compliments this week, wearing outfits she coordinated for me. So thank you Claire and I'm sorry you got shit for it....

I also bought this dress today - totally on my own without anyone else's opinion coming into it and I love it. I CAN make good choices on my own but that's mainly because I've been reading so many wonderful blogs - in fact this is almost directly inspired by Mhairi's Bettie Page dress! It's got a fab tutu skirt - it's a Hell Bunny dress - if you google them, lots of punky burlesque type shops seem to sell them and a lot of their styles go up to a size 22.....

So - got a lot of things to return but hopefully a lot of new things to come!


  1. I actually love the first dress from Asos on you - I think the colour looks gorgeous on you, likewise i really like the booby dress (lol) - but only you can pick what you're comfortable enough to wear. Well done on having the confidence to look at and consider wearing different styles. You are clearly happy because you have a big fat smile on your face. Also the last dress - bloody stunning. xXx

  2. Love the DP's dress bigtime! esp with the jacket, think those colour tomes suit you well and are really trendy at the moment. New look is full of beige, brown and terracotta at the moment.

    Wrap dresses are odd, they are often made or broken by the bra you choose. Sometimes a plunge or balcony with cami does wonders for them. They are all a bit different so it pays to try a few different ones.

    Love Hell bunny too. Perfect for summer!

  3. Love the dorothy perkins dresses, before you send the wrap over dress back try it with a cami top under I have to wear one. xx Oh that hell bunny dress is divine, glad i was an inspiration, anything 50's and I am hooked!

    I do like the colour of the first asos dress on you but the shape is off slightly, but cant decide why. x

    You are looking fabulous! xxx

  4. Don't worry, I'm a very tough cookie. It'll take more than one stupid woman to upset me.

    I love the beige dress! I'm do glad I recommended it!

  5. The beige dress is so adorable on you, great job from Claire to recommend it!!! And that Hell Bunny dress? AMAZING, you rock that!