Thursday, 16 January 2014

Couple of OOTD posts

I've been rediscovering Instagram.And trying to use it to snap some more fashiony shots as well as food!

So here are a couple of outfits - what I've been wearing recently....

Dress - Asos Curve Star Sundress (think it's still on the sale page)
Worn with Primark long sleeve jersey top and Primark leggings

One of the things I learnt from my fatshion chums is to realise my personal style. And it's usually this - leggings and a dress - usually skater style - or a long tunic top and leggings. I used to live in slouchy jeans. I love frocks. And it took reading other blogs and finding the right stores to work out what I love and having the confidence to wear it.

This is a top I've had for ages - flower and floaty sleeved and I love it - Primark again!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014's only been nearly a YEAR since I last posted!

My NY resolution this year was to take up my Photo A Day challenge again. I managed it in 2011, failed after Feb in 2012 and didn't even attempt 2013.

Part of it is uploading the photo each day to my other blog which had also been woefully neglected. On my dashboard I saw that this pathetic excuse for a blog is still getting hits - quite a lot of hits - and it surprised me. There are a TON (excuse the pun) of plus sized fashion blogs out there - excellent wonderful ones, written by women I have had the utter privelege to meet in person (and swap clothes with - lucky me).

Why am I still getting hits? So I thought I'd update it at least, so whoever ends up here isn't bored to death....

I must admit, in the last 18 months or so my membership of the plus sized fatshion gang has lapsed. My family life gets in the way - both my kids have SEN and it's hard. No lie. Not much ME time....I missed Plus London this year which was gutting.

However the lovely ladies - especially Monkey - have kept in touch and keep me in the loop. In fact there's a wonderful event happening next week -

ToodalooKatie is organising it, lots of the bloggers are selling (and writing) about it - it looks amazing and I've already booked a babysitter so I can go! Yay! I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends, and getting some amazing clothing too!

So if you've stumbled here by accident, and you're near London - why not join us!

I will try and post some more on this blog too - it's such a phenomenal community and I love to be part of it - just wish I could have some more ME time! Maybe that should be another resolution (chance would be a fine thing...)