Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Plus London 2 - Part 2

And so....after our amazing Anna Scholz sesh, a gang of us headed off to Fulham for our modelling fitting with One Stop Plus. I'm not actually going to write about, or share photos of that - it was not a pleasant experience and that had nothing to do with the wonderful Claire or Gina who had done the organising. It was solely negative because of OSP and if you want to know more about how we ALL felt about the experience read this . I can't put into words how grateful I am to Claire for summing up exactly how we all felt.

I'm just going to say this - I met some AMAZING women that day - and the ones who modelled with me were fantastic - what should have been a confidence boosting and fun activity turned into a very stressy one; but the camaraderie and support and brilliant humour of that gang of gals helped me through it. And whatever I was wearing - I loved strutting down that pink catwalk and feeling the love in the room from all the fat and fabulous women who were cheering us on - so thank you everyone for that.

I was quite exhausted after the model fiasco and also getting a bit worried about the snow
So I had a quick look around the rest of the fantastic exhibitors before heading back home to south east London.

Simply Be were one of the main sponsors - thank you! And had a rail of gorgeous clothes - wish I'd been modelling them! They also gave us a fantastic goody bag and were so kind and lovely - I know they helped Claire out a lot - even clearing up! Wonderful brand for plus size fashion.

ASOS Curve also had a rail - and it took me back to my teen years - 80's neon and crazy prints - loved it! Really stylish - as usual. Brilliant. ASOS had also dressed Claire for the night - she looked stunning in a sequinned dress (see below) that, if it hadn't sold out already, would be in my shopping basket now! You can see it more of it here

I was dressed by Lauren (looking gorgeous above in her Domino Dollhouse frock) in that I was wearing a dress I'd bought off her blog a while ago. It was a bit small when I bought it, but it fits now and I LOVE it!
Dress: Primark via PocketRocket
Shrug: Primark
Tights: Yours Clothing (wasn't sure if they'd work but I fell in love with the colour)
Sparkly shoes: Payless Shoesource in Detroit

Elomi Lingerie had a HUGE queue - they were doing bra fitting and it was very popular. I didn't get a chance to have mine done and since I am so lacking in the boob department post-children, I think I'm actually a bit too small in the cup to be able to take advantage of their stunning designs. However if you are lucky enough to have a pair of Phenomenockers from DD upwards, I HIGHLY recommend you check out their range - especially the swimwear. I loved everything in their catalogue - stunning sexy and beautiful.

Now for something I didn't expect - PLUS size vintage. I know from the wonderful Kirsty that it is out there but I'd never seen any. However the wonderful Red Bows Boutique had two whole rail fulls! Gorgeous vintage frocks, furs, tops, skirts. I tried to have a good rummage while waiting for the catwalk but again, didn't really have time to browse properly. Wish I had! Definitely a place to go in the future.

Talking of Kirsty - here she is rocking the vintage plus look - LOVED this outfit

And finally - another highlight - now I know why Wendy's nickname and email is Wendycakes!

How amazing are they? And they tasted as good as they looked! An utter treat.

So all that remains is for me to thank Claire for organising such a phenomenal event - my first proper Bloggers event and hopefully not my last. It was truly an honour to be welcomed into this community - I remember reading all the posts from last year's event and wishing I'd been part of it. I do feel a bit older than your average Fatshion Blogger but I'm in awe of the support, the styling tips, the humour, the wisdom, just the general all round fabulousness on display last Saturday in London. I'm going to endeavour to blog more about my growing interest in fashion. I love that I have loads more people to read, that I got to meet in person some of the people that I really admire -( I wish I'd had more time to talk to Em! I didn't realise she was the writer of "Oh The Places You'll Go" - one of the first plus size blogs I read and one of my utter favourites. I should have realised cos I've seen her umpteen times on her blog but it was just all overwhelming in a way so apologies Em! I'd just have gushed over you if I'd realised!) I've got a whole new load of Twitter friends and I loved meeting everyone.

I know Claire has been feeling guilty over the whole OSP fiasco but please - I can't say it enough - Claire you were amazing, you organised a fantastic event, you remained cool calm and collected (and looked amazing), you've continued to champion our cause post OSP fallout and I'm utterly proud to know you. I hope you feel proud of what you acheived. And thank you again to Lauren for introducing me to this world by doing such great work with Yours Clothing!

 Clare and Lauren

A happy me outside the Gallery!


  1. Awwww, it was an honour to meet you to. Now, sing after me:

    Do yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ears hang low...

    K xx

  2. I am so flattered by this. Thank you so much.

    I had a remarkable night - kind of flitting about selling raffle tickets, but honestly - spending little "real" time with many people at all. I must admit - it was kind of nice to dip in and out of little groups selling tickets as it meant I did say hello to many different people!

    At the next event - I plan to be much more about standing still and chatting and being fabulous - so we will definitely catch up (properly) then.


  3. Hey lovely,

    Those pictures are awesome, thanks for making my cakes look good!

    You look fab in the leopard print number!

    I couldn't agree more that Simply Be were fantastic on the night!

    w x

  4. Thank you Sally! I really appreciate all the love I've been feeling from everyone. I'm glad I stuck up for you all!

  5. It was lovely to meet you, I'm sad I didn't get a chance to see you all dolled up at the evening do! The snow made us really late. Glad you had a good time, I certainly did too! :)