Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rocking my Hell Bunny - in Greenwich and Hither Green Cabaret

So the spring is FINALLY here! And to celebrate I wore the Hell Bunny dress that I got at Hyper Japan (think I blogged about it then). I've never worn it out.....but I loved it - I put some makeup on - a dress like that demands red lippy - and went with my friend Clare for lunch in Greenwich then silliness with photography around Royal Naval College...

Clare and I

This dress is amazing. It made me FEEL amazing. I felt feminine and pretty and curvy. My husband thinks it's his favourite outfit and was complimenting me (a rarity). I'm so utterly glad I bought it!

In the evening Clare and I went to the Cafe of Good Hope to see the amazing EastEnd Cabaret I put my proper 50s petticoat on under the frock

Posing outside the Hither Green Week's Cabaret - our local cafe!
and showing off the petticoat! Too hot to have worn it all day....

Here I am with the amazing performers - Bernadette and Victor/Victoria (known as Victy). They are amazing musicians with filthy lyrics and are performing three shows on the South Bank - first one tonight - then one on the 22nd June and one on the 26th July - I will definitely be going to one of the June or July shows so anyone want to come?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

7 Day OOTD Challenge

The marvellous Claire challenged me to an instagram challenge last week - probably cos I haven't been blogging enough too - to take a picture every day of what I was wearing and share it on Instagram. So for those of you who haven't seen them each day on Twitter or Instagram, here's an amalgamation

I really enjoyed it! I did it with a friend of mine and we had great fun finding funky walls to pose against....and it also cemented my idea that I love dresses/tunics with leggings - it's what I wear the majority of the time at the moment. That might change in Summer but only to make them maxi dresses I imagine. I have got a lot of flack on twitter for my love of Ugg boots and the black boots I'm wearing in most of the photos - I know they aren't exactly stylish but fuck it. I love em! And will continue to wear them - though I'm looking for more pretty type of shoes to wear in the summer. I also love that three of the above outfits came from bloggers - Em, Kirsty and Claire - all of whom continue to inspire me to wear what I love!