Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentines OOTD (slightly late!)

It's half term - that's my excuse - kids 24/7 so I have had no moment to myself! So a slight flashback to Valentines Day this week. My lovely hubby isn't usually the best at romance. He works at the Royal Observatory who, every year, hold a special Valentine evening with the stars where you get a planetarium show, roses, wine, stargazing.....perfect no? But every year he won't even consider taking ME cos it's work.

However....this year there were no other astronomers available so he had to run the Planetarium and therefore I got to go along to was wonderful. He delivered a fantastic show, showing everyone the stars in our solar system. Then surprised me by reading our wedding sonnet (Let me not to the marriage of true minds...). And then we had a lovely GBK dinner (we ain't fancy) and I got chocolates to eat in the bath for my present. (I love candle-lit bubble baths accompanied by chocolate).

So here's what I wore. I won a £500 shopping spree earlier last year courtesy of Clairol and had an hour with a personal shopper. She chose this dress but I'd never worn it - it was actually a bit too tight. But now it fits
Dress: Marks & Spencer Summer 2011
Shrug - Clothes swap
Leggings: Primark

I actually really like it now. Kind of inspired by the dress that I bought off Kirsy (see last post) - that's an M&S one and so is this, it's a similar shape - and I didn't want to be TOO dressy as Rob had his work clothes on. And I wanted to be warm to be outside on the Prime Meridian looking in a telescope!

I also wore my Swarovski crystal heart - a present from Rob a long time ago.....

Lovely night - best Valentines I can remember for a long time......Hope you all had a good day doing whatever you felt, romantic or not. I quite liked the idea of Palentines - hanging with your BFFs!


  1. The dress looks beautiful on you Sally :)! And I love the crystal heart!!


  2. The dress looks fabulous! We also know you have heaps more outfits now :)