Friday, 20 January 2012

OOTD plus looking forward to PLUSLONDON2!

Hello out there....quick post to show off an outfit that was put together for me at the Big Fat Clothes Swap last year - I loved this skirt but when I put it on with the waistband on my waist I looked awful. So the lovely Monkey Fatshionista suggested I move it up to the under-boob region and LO! A lovely outfit! She's a genius...
Skirt: Swap
Leggings: Primark (thank you so much Eclectica for that tip - saves me a fortune!)
Coat: Lands End (I've had it forever)
Vest: H&M from about 6 years ago

I know the Ugg Boots don't really go....but it was bloody cold yesterday and I couldn't bear to take em off! And it was just for a pub book club night! (have just realised I've worn these boots in almost every post on this teeny blog - MUST make better shoe effort next time)

And talking of the wonderful Monkey...I'm getting so damn excited for Plus London - I'm going to be on the catwalk! Eek! One Stop Plus are holding a fashion show and I am lucky enough to be one of the models. I've NEVER done anything similar before - I know I'm an actor but I'm definitely NOT a model! I'm really excited though. Hope someone will be snapping pics!

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  1. Don't panic my husband and his friend's fiancée will be on hand to take lots of pictures.