Thursday, 22 March 2012

Uber Quick OOTD (Crap photo though!)

Dress - Torrid
Cardigan - New Look
Leggings - M&S

Got the other half to snap this this morning so my hair looks dreadful and I wasn't smiling even though this outfit makes me really happy! It's a Blogger tribute outfit I think! The dress is from Em who was one of the first bloggers I ever read and whose style I adore. She has this dress - you can even see it here when she met Gok! She sold one exactly the same on her Boombands Blog Shop and I snapped it up!

I paired it with a cardigan that the lovely Claire gave me when she was restyling me - love the polka dots. The dress - you can't see it in this photo but you can on Em's link - has a mad combo of tiny polkadots on the boobs, a big wide ribbon band and floral skirt. So I thought this might work. Be gentle with me - this has to be the first time in weeks I've worn something without checking with my style guru first....

My mother said it was "awfully bright" and a bit in your face. Which she didn't mean as a compliment but I took it as such!


  1. That cardigan looks so much better on you than me!

  2. I really love this. The pairing, with the cardigan is so clever. This dress is really a smash of gorgeous textures and prints and you've taken it one step further through use of the larger polka dot! I'll tell you what, this really, really works.

  3. You look fab! The floral skirt bit is gorgeous and I WANT the cardi! Well done for being brave on your own you totally pulled it off x