Thursday, 5 April 2012

Red Bows Vintage Event Gather the Women! Pt 1 size vintage wasn't something I'd ever thought about until Plus London- as I've said before on this blog - anything outside of Evans was something new to me until recently! Michelle who runs Red Bows, had a rail at Plus London that I drooled over while waiting to go on to the catwalk - I just didn't have time to browse properly. Luckily she agreed to host an "at home" event with her clothing and was ably supported by The Vintage Cake Company.

All of us who attended brought some food to share...and best of all some clothes to swap!

The Vintage Cake Co's beautiful china!
One of the wonderful rails FULL of plus sized Vintage
The swap sofa! We all put our freebies on there and waited for the rummage!

More vintage finds
Sian got this amazing jacket!
Michelle in a dress I'd brought to swap - it looks SO much better on her....
Sian again in an 80's classic dress - I swear I had this dress back then. It looked AMAZING on her. No idea why I ended up just taking pics of Sian trying the stuff on! I think I was so busy chatting, trying on stuff myself and just having such a fab time that I only managed to take a few pics. Michelle in this shot is also wearing another of her swap finds - this time it was from Claire and it looked amazing on her - I tried it on but she looked, again SO much better in it. That's one of the wonderful things about clothes swaps - you bring along things that aren't working for you - they might be the wrong size, or just not suit you - and then you see some amazing women trying it on and they look brilliant.
Claire taking a cake break. The cakes were amazing - especially the Victoria Sponge!

We all had a food break - the best parties all end up in the kitchen anyway!

Amanda is one of the brilliant women I've met through Fatshion but she doesn't blog - YET! PLEASE Amanda - you have such great style - share it with the world!

The food we brought and shared.

I just want to say thank you to Michelle for welcoming us all, thank you every one who was there for being there, being supportive, sharing your clothes and your sartorial fashion tips. I love it when bloggers get together like this - I'm becoming addicted to this community!

It was great to meet Tash and Sian who I hadn't met before - to catch up with Claire and Amanda, to eat Hannah's wonderful cake and just to have a fabulous Sunday in the company of wonderful women wearing beautiful clothes. I'm about to do a separate post with my haul!

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  1. What a shocking picture of me! But lovely shots of the tea party and Michelle's stock!