Thursday, 5 April 2012

Red Bows Vintage event - MY HAUL! Pt 2

As Claire has mentioned before, I do love a clothes swap! I think I hauled more than anyone last summer at the London event....

This was my haul!

A gorgeous sort of reverse leopard print top from Amanda I think...
I always seem to end up grabbing anything that Claire brings - I love her style! She used to wear this as a skirt but I'm going to be brave (if the weather improves) and wear it as a dress.
A beautiful silky top from Tasha
Think this was Claire's as well - love the floral's a bit big so I need to take it in at the top....but I love it....
This is a brilliant maxi from Tash - it's strapless - I just didn't take my bra off - and it's the perfect length for me....
Another beautiful floral tea dress...

And - I did actually spend some money - this is the dress I bought from Michelle - it's not a great pic - this is beautiful cornflower blue with little flowers embroidered throughout - not sure what period it is - think it might be 80s as it reminds me of things I used to wear. I intend to put my big tutu petticoat under this to dress it up, or wear it with leggings/tights and my blue cardie for everyday. It's such a beautiful dress and my FIRST vintage item!


  1. I didn't see the purple and blue tea dress?! That is GORGEOUS on you! And YES to the maxi!

  2. what a haul!!! I love the silky top! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset